About Us

We are Hackers and Private investigators at your service. Every member of this organization is experienced in their various niches. We have Digital Forensic Specialists, Cyber Security Experts, Private investigators and much more as employees. When this team was assembled, we had the goal of solving complex problems and doing the impossible for our clients all over the world, while treating every request with utmost confidentiality.

Our Mission

VenomThreads is dedicated to delivering live, accurate and unique attack intelligence that helps our customers block attacks, uncover hidden breaches and track threats emerging around the globe. We offer a continuously updated torrent of telemetry from the world’s largest network of dedicated threat intelligence sensors.

Our Plan

We’ll assign you a dedicated hacker (or team of hackers for more complex exploits) to design, implement and deploy exploits, and a project manager to manage deadlines. We handle everything according to our best hacking principles.

Our Vision

VenomThreads is focused on dramatically improving the security, attack-exposure and cyber safety of our clients.


We identify your security issues and then assign you to the right department in the organization.

Cyber Security

Protection of systems and installations. We assign a team to our clients to safeguard their systems and also to install high grade security facilities in order to protect our clients' servers at full capacity.

Private Investigation

Private investigations that bring true results. We work at our full potentials in order to resolve issues and problems that warrant dilligence and discreet measures in finding solutions to them.

Mobile Device Security

Protection of mobile devices from spy and hack. We secure the privacy of our client by ensuring their devices are fully guarded and well secured in order to prevent them from being attacked.

Security Audits

Detection of external hack activities. In situations when our client suffer external attacks, we provide help by neutralising the attack and protecting them accordingly.

Wealth Recovery and Management

We handle a rigid chargeback processes for clients who have been scammed by an unknown company or person by tracking and recovering all lost and stolen funds, high proper level of hacking is done if you’re having Issues getting into your cryptocurrency wallets and bank accounts or your hacked wallets, we will recover the funds regardless of the amount.

Email and social media

We access, recover and protect mails and social media accounts from being exposed to cyber attack. Also, we help you gain entry to mails and social media accounts of your choice once you experience any difficulty.







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